About us

Our Vision

To grow into a multifaceted farming project of global standards equipped with biodiversity parks, poultry and livestock farming. To set a benchmark in farm tourism without straying from the goal of supplying good quality livestock.

Our Mission

To farm and trade livestock in an eco-friendly habitat and maximise yield and profit sustainably. To maintain quality and transparency in every step of the project.

200 Acres of
Lush Green Land

At Usilampatti, A Krishnapuram, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

10 acres

Goat rearing

10 acres

Buffalo rearing

15 acres

Civil Construction

10 acres

Goat trading

55 acres

Buffalo trading

100 acres

Fodder production

200000 Goats & Buffaloes
for trading a year

Since the market demand is much higher than the rearing capacity of the project, the company will involve in trading as well utilising the resources. Purchasing of animals and transportation will be done by government approved agencies following the PCA Act. Experts will involve in the selection and transport of animals. Once on the site, they will be put in to quarantine for observation and later antemortem examination will be done to assure quality standards.